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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion: One’s Quest for Becoming an Anime Fan Begins Here

If it happens that you are in a position to bebop to tunes of Yoko Kanno each morning while you take your bath and thereafter pay a visit to the therapist in regards to how Neon Genesis Evangelion is finally coming to end, then this shows that you are more than a fan. There are various things that you will require on the way. They include cosplay costumes, Japanese food and anime and manga merchandise. There are various tips that you can use for the incorporation of anime almost into every aspect that pertains to your life.

Ensure that you read mostly the manga or the comic books of Japanese origin. You will find out that most of the favorite series of anime began as manga, but as for now they have been converted to manga. It is always easier for one to enjoy manga when aboard the train or taking a cup of coffee.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Apart from reading, you can decide to begin your own anime club.

You can write your own fan fiction about anime and then illustrate the story. You can even decide to draw the anime. It will be your great project if you can manage to share it out among members of the anime club.

Ensure that you collect all the anime merchandise and artwork. You will find that the variety plus its scope is quite mind boggling. With these, you are sure that you will not lack options regardless of the situation and for a good anime merchandise site, I recommend Anime Room.

It will also be better for you to be involved with the costume play or simply cosplay. After that, you will have to dress just as your most liked character. You are in a position to turn cosplay into a lifestyle by yourself.

Ensure that you attend in person any convention being held that is anime related; for instance, Anime Expo or Otakon. You will find out that a convention of anime may even go ahead to comprise a fun activity a group in regard to the anime club. It also doubles as a great place for you to showcase your latest efforts in cosplay.

You also have got an option of being a Japanophile just by enrolling in classes offering Japanese language, culture and even cooking. You still have got an option of traveling to Japan to see these things just on the first hand. By having a better understanding in regard to things that defines Japanese, you will be offered a greater opportunity of gaining a better insight in the anime life.

Obviously this is just the beginning on your new found journey however I hope you find the above useful in your quest for becoming a true believer of Japanese anime and especially Neon Genesis Evangelion.